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How to Choose an Engagement Ring

It is not a cheap thing to do, buying an engagement ring. The price is what has most people postponing the idea of proposing, not the tension that goes with the exercise. The cost of that one ring can be equivalent to huge investment in one’s life. This shall be a profoundly expensive purchase. Lucky for them, there are now ways in which you can keep the cost of the ring down. The money saved can go to other costs, such as the wedding. What you need to ensure is that your partner appreciates the gesture, and loves the chosen ring.

There are some other rings you get to choose from. They have now made engagement rings with smaller more affordable rings. There are also cheap stones you can pick. You also have the option of a synthetic diamond. When it comes to the synthetic diamond, your best choice is a moissanite engagement ring. Moissanite is a silicon carbide gemstones that closely resembles diamonds, down to their qualities. It shall be just as hard and brilliant.

The popularity of moissanite is not just down to its lower price tag. It also tends to look better. It is what is currently trending as the choice engagement ring. They look good when presented on bands made from gold, platinum, solver, and others.

They may not be as white as diamonds, but they are clearer. They shall, therefore, be more brilliant and sparkle more too. They are what is hardest, next to diamonds. They are naturally occurring as well, but not in quantities enough to support the jewelry making business. You will thus see them being manufactured in laboratories.

They will display certain qualities when subjected to the four C’s test. When it comes to color, it shall appear virtually colorless. There are some that have a subtle yellow or green hue when placed in certain light conditions. To make them whiter, they would have to be cut in a round shape. Other cuts result in yellow or green hues.
They are also clearer when placed next to a diamond. You can hardly see any imperfections on this gemstone. For that, you would need to look through a magnifying glass to see any manufacturing marks.

They also share the same carat counts. When it comes to the cut, they should not be cut the same way as diamonds. This would decrease their sparkle. You will need a jeweler to tell you which are the best cuts for your specific ring.

Once you get a Moissanite engagement ring, the only other worry you will have is what your partner will say when you propose. All the best.

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